Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do Youtube? Tweet? Join Us too!

I'm going to begin by saying Thank You, again, to everyone who attended our first official book signing about a week ago. We've gotten so many wonderful emails with comments from you, Thank You. Dog people, animal people, rescue people, are the best.

We're hoping to keep that momentum rolling and invite friends to our next book signing event. It is Saturday, May 12 at Tribeca Gallerycafe & Books in Watertown, WI.

Many have asked if there will be a supplemental book with pictures of our Fluffy Friends from their time here at The Lodge. I can honestly say, I've thought about it and I'm not opposed to it. Keep your eyes peeled. I do have lots of old videos of the dogs playing and wrestling and generally carrying on and I'm going to start posting those for your viewing pleasure.

Click over to www.youtube.com (after you read this post, of course :D ), type afosterstail in to the search box and you'll find a video of Fiona, a current foster dog, playing with our cat, Hawk.

If you've read the book, you know who Hawk is and how he fits into The Lodge's rehabilitation puzzle. I've got to do some digging through my archived photos and videos and will start putting those on soon!

I'll be sure to alert everyone via Twitter (afosterstail) and Facebook (Page - A Foster's Tail) when I've put a new video up for you! Check it out! If you are a Facebooker, please like the page on Facebook.

We're heading west for this event but I'm hoping to head east, to Waukesha for the next one. Martha Merrells participates in the Friday Night Live Events from June to September. I'm hoping to participate as well! I'll keep you posted on our times there too!

Thank you again for your positive comments to all things "Tail". It's been a fun ride and I'm looking forward to more!

Hope to see you soon!