Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Events! New Stores!

Hard to believe its been a month since I've posted on this blog. I've been a bit busy lining up new book stores and events for you to visit!

I've been visiting all over Wisconsin and placed books in a lot of stores.

In the early part of August, the kids and I went to Minoqua & Eagle River and placed books at Book World's in both cities. We also had the awesome opportunity to be "on air" on WRJO with Menomonee Falls native, Mike Wolf.

After our big radio debut, we drove a little further to Hazelhurst and caught up with our previous foster, Chancey. At first he didnt recognize the kids as both of them had grown so much since the last time he saw them. After a few treats, Chancey was much better. It is always so wonderful to see our foster's again.

We've seen quite a few of them this summer. 

We stopped at Carter's house and hung out with his mom and later his dad for a bit. Karma was also here at The Lodge for a few days while her mom was away for work. At the first book event we did, several foster's came to cheer us on! Isabella, Carter & Teddy!

More recently, we were a little closer to home in Beaver Dam. We met up with LueAnn and placed some books in her Beaver Dam Book World location. We will be there in October celebrating Book World's 25th Anniversary. Look for us there on Tuesday, October 16th at 11am. I'll also be interviewed on the Beaver Dam radio station but I have no times for you yet. Stay tuned, Beaver Dam!

Here is the latest schedule of events for those who would like to come out and talk dog!

Sat., Sept 8 - Fondue Fest, Fond du Lac - Book World, 9a - 12p

Sat., Sept 22 - Oconomowoc Public Library - 1p - 4p

Sat., Sept 29 - Minooka Park, Waukesha, WI - First Annual Fluffy Dog Walk - Come out and meet some Fluffies and learn how to become a foster mom to a needy pup!

Sun., Sept 30 - People's Books Cooperative, 804 E. Center St., Milwaukee, 4p - 7p

If you have questions about a location or would like to see A Foster's Tail in a store near you, please email me at m.r.grade@gmail.com

If you're into Facebook, check out our Facebook Page for all the fun pictures and event reminders. 

Thank You for reading!!