Monday, July 30, 2012

After Event Blog

WoW - Thank you all for coming over to the Taste of Lake Country book signing event over at End of the Leash on Saturday. We had a beautiful day with breezes coming off of Pewaukee Lake. The sights, smells  and sounds from the party just down the block were incredible.

I got my first email regarding back to school this morning from one of the kids principals at school. Man, just not ready for the chaos of getting everybody back to school. UGH.

However, I know I cant speak for everybody but I've had enough of the hot and humid. I know I'll whine about how cold it is but for now I'm done.

In August we'll work on putting some polish on the event kit. Maybe some better photos of the fosters in the album I have. Maybe some fancy stuff for the event table. 

I've got three dates for event lined up for September - 8th, 22nd & 29 - We'll be in Fond du Lac, Oconomowoc & The East Side of Milwaukee, respectively.

I'm also going to  be researching some other book stores in Wisconsin and Illinois. Maybe head over towards Oshkosh & Madison. Maybe head down towards Gurnee & Wheaton. 

I'm up for taking suggestions as well. 

What I'd really like to do is travel to Missouri and Alabama to meet the volunteers who start the ball rolling and sending the dogs northward.We're friends on Facebook but I would really like to get a flavor of how it really is down south.

That's all I've got for today. 

Thank You for Reading! Thank You for Thinking Rescue!

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